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Open Lab Schedule

Monday - Friday ARRANGE varies

Effective 9 January 2017

Labs are available by arrangement every weekday. Particular equipment or rooms scheduled as needed and according to availability. If you need access to specific hardware, be sure to arrange in advance. VMs can be run on any of the lab stations in B107, B109, B143 and B144. Allow time at the end to clear configurations, reset desktop NIC to normal operating requirements, cabling down, cleaning up. Closing time sharp!

General Information

The specific lab which is open varies by day and availability but generally equipment for CCNA classes and A+ classes is available.

Lab time can be arranged with Tom McArdell please email to schedule an appointment at least 1 business day in advance. Be sure to indicate the date and time you are requesting as well as the particular class and equipment you are working on. Do not assume labs are available since may classes are held in the rooms.