VMWare Setup

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VMware Setup Instructions

Step 1:  Locate VMware folder in C:

  • Click My Computer
  • Click on C: drive
  • Click on VMWare

Step 2:  Make a copy of the "B143 B144 VM 3-13-09" folder

  • Right click on the "B143 B144 VM 3-13-09" folder and select copy


Step 3:  Paste your copy of the "B143 B144 VM 3-13-09" folder

  • Right click on an open area in the VMWare folder and select paste.  Process will take 10-15 minutes to complete.


  • Rename folder
  • Only the user who created this folder will be able to use it

Step 4:  Open VMWare Workstation

  • Click Start / All Programs / VMWare
  • Click VMWare Workstation

Step 5:  Open Existing VM or Team

  • Click on "Open Existing VM or Team"


  • Open the folder that you created in Step 3
  • Double Click on "Windows XP SP3.vmx"


  • Under the "Device" tab make sure the "network adapter" is set to "bridged"


  • Under "Commands" click on "Power on this Virtual Machine". You can also click the green arrow in the toolbar.


  • Prompt will ask you if you "moved" or "copied" the virtual machine.  Select "I copied it".


  • Windows XP setup wizard will appear. Follow steps to complete setup.

*Process must be done on each computer that you log in on to be able to run VMWare.

*To run multiple VMWare workstations on same computer, make an extra copy of the "B143 B144 VM 3-13-09" folder.

*Make sure under the "network connections" for the PC you are using, the wireless connection is disabled. Otherwise, VMWare may not run properly.