Using VirtualBox on Campus

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If you are going to use VirtualBox on a campus computer there are a few settings you need to change and things you need to know in order to be successful.

Change the Default Machine Folder

  • Note: It is important that you do this BEFORE creating any virtual machines on any campus computer you use. Failure to follow these instructions will most likely result in your virtual machine being deleted at some future time during an IT department system cleaning procedure!
  1. Open the D:\ drive in Windows File Manager and create a new folder in the root of the drive (NOT inside the CNT Files folder, things in there will get deleted automatically as well!). Create a folder with a name like "StudentName-Fall2014" so that the student who owns the folder can be quickly identified as well as the semester the folder is in use for.
  2. Open the VirtualBox program
  3. Click File -> Preferences to open the VirtualBox - Settings dialog box
  4. On the "General" screen click the drop down list arrow next to the "Default Machine Folder:" option.
  5. Select "Other..." from the list
  6. Browse to and select the "StudentName-Fall2014" folder you created on the D drive.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog boxes and save the settings
  8. Create your virtual machine and make sure that the VM files are being stored in the correct folder on your D drive

Use Bridged Networking

  • The campus SafeConnect program prohibits NAT devices on the campus network. Also, for our courses you typically want your VM to have it's own IP address which is directly accessible from the network. Because of this most of the time you'll want to use "Bridged Adapter" for the "Attached to:" option in your VM settings.
  • In addition, you will want to make sure that you are bridging to the actual network device which has network access on your main system. You may need to adjust the "Name:" option to select the correct, active, network adapter on your system. Note that bridging to wireless adapters is a bit flakey depending on the particular card and driver in use and so is not recommended.