Tasks for student lab assistants

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This page contains a list of tasks for student lab assistants to complete. Tasks may be designated as things to be done on an ongoing basis or things that only need to be done once and are separated into those categories. Once a one-time task is done please edit the wiki page, do not remove the task from the list, but do mark it as done. If you are performing lab maintenance for credit you need to keep a log of each day you worked on things, how long you worked and what you did. If an instructor or open lab manager is available to sign your log entry please have them sign it.

Ongoing Tasks

  • Erase configurations (startup configs and vlan.dat files) from routers and switches
  • Remove any cabling not currently in use
  • Pick up any cables on the floor and re-hang them in the correct locations
  • Make sure that their is an equitable distribution of each type of cable needed in each of the CNT labs

Weekly Tasks

November 1-5, 2010

  • Work on cleaning-up and re-wiring the power to all of the CCNA equipment in B143 so all equipment has power and power cabling is more neat
  • Update IOS images on Pod 3 switches D & E
  • Update IOS images on routers in B109

Lab Assistant Logs