How to Install Ubuntu on Virtual Box

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Instuctions - By Jon Nelson

Download Virtual box from Web page.

For Windows XP select Virtual box Older builds

  • Virtual box download.png

Select option Virtual Box 3.2

  • Virtualbox2.png

Select first option for windows host

  • Virtualbox3.png

Now save the file to the fold you created labeled Virtual box on your PC

  • Save.png
    • Once the download is complete then you can run the download.

Download Ubuntu

  • Create a folder labeled Ubuntu on your PC

Type in on you web browser.

  • Ubuntu.png

Select the save option and save it to the folder you created.

  • Ubuntu2.png

Building your Virtual Machine

  • Open Virtual box application
    • In the upper left hand corner of Virtual Box select create for a new operating system. a create wizard will appear. follow the steps below

Step 1

  • Step1.png

Step 2 - Name the operating system and select the type and version of the operating system as shown below.

  • Step2.png

Step 3 - Select the amount of RAM to be used for the system. I used the defualt which is 512MB.

  • Step3.png

Step 4

  • Step4.png

Step 5

  • Step5.png

Step 6

  • Step6.png

Step 7

  • Step 7.png

Select finish and and the hard disk space will be created for your virtual machine. this can take a few minutes.

  • Step 8.png
  • Step 9.png

Installing Ubuntu on Virtual Box

After it is done creating the hard disk space, open up Virtual box and you will see a new machine with the name you created.

  • Step 11.png

Next you need to select the media from which your virtual machine will boot from. Select the Ubuntu folder you saved to your computer.

  • Step 12.png

The install wizard will now guide you thought a 7 easy steps to load Ubuntu

Step1 - select the language and then select install Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu1.png

Step 2 - Select the time zone you wish to display

  • Ubuntu2.1.png

Step 3 - Select the country and USA is the default

  • Ubuntu3.png

Step 4 - If you wish to partition your new machine you can at this point. In this document I selected to the first option (erase and use entire disk).

  • Ubuntu4.png

Step 5 - At this point you can create a user name and password to log on to you new virtual machine

  • Ubuntu5.png

Step 6 - Select Install and new OS will begin to install

  • Ubuntu6.png
  • Ubuntu7.png

Step 7- Select restart and the the process will complete

  • Ubuntu8.png