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The CNT Service project is designed to be a learning experience for you as well as to be a way for you to contribute back to the CNT program and your fellow students. You must propose a project to your instructor which will somehow benefit your fellow students and the CNT program. Specific ideas for projects are included below but do not limit yourself to this list. The project may be something you do individually or something done in a small group. The more students working on the project the larger in scale the project should be. It must include some format of reporting your results which might include CNTwiki pages, an in-class presentation, a video, a paper or any other appropriate method approved by the instructor. Your project should be approved by the instructor before you begin work on it. Projects may be a single large project or a combination of several smaller projects.

Work Expectation: The project is a major component of the course grade and thus you are expected to spend a considerable amount of time working on it. For each credit a class is you should expect to spend about four hours working on the project so someone in a three credit class should spend about twleve hours working on a good project.

Once you have an approved project please add the project and yoru name to the list of class projects currently being worked on by students page on the wiki site in the correct section for your class.

Once your project is complete:

  1. Add a link to it (if it is on the wiki) or a description of it (if it is not on the wiki) and your name to the list of completed student class projects.
  2. Add the same information to the projects section of the course wiki page
  3. Send an email to your instructor with the name of the project, your name(s) and the class the project is for stating the project is ready to be graded.

Project Ideas

General Ideas

Some of these are large projects and would fulfill the entire requirement, others are smaller projects and would need to be combined.

  • Improve the CNTwiki by adding common command guides, screenshots, configuration instructions, lab documentation, etc.
  • Research an appropriate technology for the course you are in and report on it (in class, on the wiki or by writing a paper)
  • Design and test new labs for a CNT class
  • Write how-to guides

Specific Ideas

If you still need some more concrete ideas about what you can do for a project check out this list of things that needs to be accomplished. Note that many of these things are not alone enough to constitute a project but they may be combined to form an acceptable project. Remember that your instructor must approve your project!

  • Re-format and update CNT Course Guide
  • Add topics to Franske CNT-2540 FA10 Schedule
  • Add topics to Franske CNT-2300-91 SU10 Schedule
  • Find additional useful web resources for all classes and add links to the wiki pages
  • Edit video segments for use in classes
  • Edit audio segments for use in classes
  • Finish the Introduction to DOS
  • Write a lab on tcp established and reflexive ACLs
  • Write a lab on GPG
  • Write a lab on digital certificates
  • Write a howto setup and use IPv6 tunneling at home (such as through