Franske CNT-2300 Windows XP Installation Lab

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In this lab students, working in partners or small groups, will install Windows XP, drivers and applications.

Basic Windows XP Installation

  1. Install Windows XP from CD-ROM with the following settings:
    1. Delete any existing partitions on the hard drive
    2. Partition the drive into two equal sized partitions, you will use the first partition for the install
    3. Format the partition as NTFS - Discuss the difference between a quick and regular format in your lab notebook
    4. Use "CNT System" for the name and "IHCC" for the Organization
    5. The product key will be on the whiteboard for your use in this lab
    6. The computer name will be "CNT2300-xx" where xx is your computer number assigned by the instructor
    7. The administrator password should be "College1" with a capitol C
    8. Set the system for the correct date, time and timezone
    9. Use typical network settings
    10. Make the computer a member of the "CNT-2300" workgroup
    11. Enable automatic updates
    12. Skip Internet configuration
    13. Skip Registration
    14. Create a user account for yourself

Driver Installation

  1. Install drivers for your system
    1. Check the "Device Manager" for devices on your system which may not be optimally performing because of old or missing drivers
    2. Install appropriate drivers for the motherboard (chipset and onboard hardware) from the provided driver CD-ROM, this may require restarts between drivers.
    3. Install appropriate drivers for the videocard and other add-in cards from the provided driver CD-ROM
    4. Check the "Device Manager" to see if all devices are now recognized and have appropriate drivers

Software Installation

  1. Install third party software.
    1. Install at least three different applications from the driver CD-ROM
    2. Check the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel to see if the software is installed

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