Cisco Networking Academy Alumni Course Access

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Once you have successfully completed a Cisco Networking Academy course you should still have access to curriculum for that course. However, you will see that after a few months Cisco will archive your course and it will appear you can no longer review the material from that course on your "I'm Learning" tab of the Networking Academy website.

With the recent revisions to Cisco's learning platform and archival of courses it is no longer possible to view the exact curriculum you went through when you took the course. Instead you will need to register for the "Alumni Course" version of the course which will allow you to review course materials but do not include exams or a certificate of completion. Typically, the Alumni courses are the latest version for any language offered for that course.

To register for access to the Alumni Course version of a course you completed you need to:

  • Log on to the Cisco Networking Academy website.
  • Under the "Resources" menu at the top of the page select the "Alumni Courses" option.
  • Review the list of available alumni courses on the page and click the "Enroll Now" button for any courses you wish to enroll in.
  • The alumni course should now show up on your "I'm Learning" page on the Networking Academy site

If you don't see the course you're looking for in the list of available alumni courses please contact your course instructor for assistance. They will need to verify that you were marked as "complete" in the course. If you were not marked as complete (this is easily overlooked) they will need to create a new course for you, enroll you in that course, and then mark you as complete in that course at which time you'll have access to the alumni course.