CNT-2311-Chapter 3 Notes

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---Configuring Hardware---

Configuring the BIOS and Core Hardware

Mounting and Unmounting Filesystems


I/O Addresses

DMA Addresses

Boot Disks and Geometry Settings

Coldplug and Hotplug Devices

Configuring Expansion Cards

Configuring PCI Cards

Learning about Kernel Modules

Loading Kernel Modules

Removing Kernel Modules

Configuring USB Devices

USB Basics

Linux USB Drivers

USB Manager Applications

Configuring Hard Disks

Configuring PATA Disks

Configuring SATA Disks

Configuring SCSI Disks

Configuring External Disks

Designing a Hard Disk Layout

Why Partition?

Understanding Partitioning Systems

GPT Partitions

An Alternative to Partitions: LVM

Mount Points

Common Partitions and Filesystem Layouts

Creating Partitions and Filesystems

Partitioning a Disk

Using fdisk

Using GNU Parted

Preparing a Partition for Use

Common Filesystem Types

Creating a Filesystem

Creating Swap Space

Maintaining Filesystem Health

Tuning Filesystems

Obtaining Filesystem Information

Adjusting Tunable Filesystem Parameters

Interactively Debugging a Filesystem

Maintaining a Journal

Checking Filesystems

Monitoring Disk Use

Monitoring Disk Use by Partition

Monitoring Disk Use by Directory

Mounting and Unmounting Filesystems

Temporarily Mounting or Unmounting Filesystems

Syntax and Parameters for mount

Options for mount

Using umount

Permanently Mounting Filesystems