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  • Cisco Configuration Professional is a GUI device management tool for Cisco access routers.

With CCP, you can simplify router, firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), VPN, Unified Communications, WAN, and LAN configuration with easy-to-use wizards.

  • CCP Supported Router Products and Software Releases

Router Model Earliest Cisco CP Supported Cisco IOS Version

Cisco 815 12.4(11)T Cisco 850 series 12.4(9)T Cisco 860 series 12.4(20)T Cisco 870 series 12.4(9)T Cisco 880 series 12.4(20)T Cisco 890 series 15.0(1)M Cisco 1801,1802,1803 12.4(9)T Cisco 1805 12.4(15)XY Cisco 1811, 1812 12.4(9)T Cisco 1841 12.4(9)T Cisco 1861 12.4(20)T Cisco 1900 series 15.0(1)M Cisco 2800 series 12.4(9)T Cisco 2900 series 15.0(1)M Cisco 3800 series 12.4(9)T Cisco 3900 series 15.0(1)M

CCP may be downloaded from:

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