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The following shows an example of the things you may need to change in your pjsip.conf file.

Example Minimal res_digium_phone.conf File Changes

alias=My Default Network ; This is the name of the network profile
registration_address= ; This is the IP address of your Asterisk server

[echosphone] ; This line sets the name of the phone
mac=000FD30D1F8B ; Be sure to set the correct MAC address for your phone
network=network1 ; This line sets the network the phone is connected to (above) 
line=echo2904 ; This is the name of the line to configure on the phone

[echo2904] ; This is the line configuration, it must match the line= setting in the phone configuration above and the line name in the PJSIP file
line_label=2904 ; This is the text to display next to the line button on the phone display
mailbox=2904 ; This is the voicemail box

Reloading After Configuration Changes

If you make changes to the res_digium_phone.conf file and need to get Asterisk to re-load the configuration you can run the module reload res_digium_phone.so command from the Asterisk CLI to re-read the file.

After to re-read the file you can run the digium_phones reconfigure all command to have the phones get reconfigured with the new settings.

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