HP-3Com Switches

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The ITC Department uses model HP-3Com 2928-SFP Plus. These switches are also known by model name HP v1910.

The link to the User Guide is provided here as a file link.

Manual for HP-3Com Baseline Smart Switch GbE Series File:Http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c02581575/c02581575.pdf

Enable Command Line Mode

By default these switches are only configurable through the web interface and a very basic CLI mode. A full featured CLI mode can be enabled by connecting to the switch via Telnet or console cable and, after logging on, entering _cmdline-mode on. Confirm that all commands will be displayed and executed. You will be put in user-view mode and can enter system-view mode by typing system-view. Using the ? mark you can learn about the commands available in either mode.