ITC Domain Account Password Change Instructions

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Your ITC domain ( account is used to provide authentication for virtual machine control, VPN access, and many other critical services. It is important that you set a secure password on this account. These instructions can be used to change your password.


  • You must have an active ITC ( domain account for which you know the password (contact your instructor for more information)
  • You must either be directly connected to from a computer in a lab or have a working VPN connection to
  • Your new password must meet the complexity and length requirements

Web Based Password Change

A video demontstation of this process is available here.

  1. Use a web browser to connect to
    • NOTE: This site is only accessible from the ITC network either on campus or over a VPN connection
  2. Fill out the form on the site with your username, current password, and desired new password.
  3. Submit the form, ensure the message on the top of the page indicates your password was successfully changed. If there are any errors it is most likely an incorrectly typed username or current password.
  4. End your VPN session. If you hesitate to close your VPN session, you will be disconnected soon because the old password is no longer valid for our VPN
  5. Start a new VPN session using your new password and ensure it is working.